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What is a mask for ?
Some may not remember, but i think most remember the movie « The Mask » played by Jim Carrey, remember ?
He found a magic mask that when he use it, that green, mocking and funny face came out;
That could dance, have fun, talk with women, did you remember already ??
He used the mask because it gave him powers that he hadn’t when he wasn’t using it; he felt like a loser but whenever he was with the mask he felt like a WINNER.

By definition “masks are artifacts that are for a long time present in the humankind history. Usually bound to plays, its use dates back to the modification of identity.
But in this days people don’t need to disguise them selfs in order to use a mask.”
Whenever someone fake something, feelings, emotions, words, advices, friendships, etc. ; he/she is using a mask with a clean face.
The hypocrisy mask, do what i say, don’t do what i do !
Proud uses the mask of servant
Arrogance uses the mask of Humbleness
Disobedience uses the mask of Submission

Don’t be like those who live a play,, sell a image of their masks, that for some times it is pleasurable, need to use it to fell superior, feel goof, but when their masks fall, they show a sad picture, empty and dark, lifeless and displeased.

Dear reader of course that we’re talking in a figurative language,

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  1. Dsj29 de Maio de 2019

    Excellente piqûre merci

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