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My heart will go on

Rose1Who have never watched titanic? Is almost impossible to find someone that didn’t see that movie, it brought our emotions afloat, but what have you learned with it? Did any thing call your attention?

Honestly, for a while i could not understand the reason why Rose threw away her necklace into the sea. Much more than a phisical value it was priceless because she was wearing that necklace in one of the most wonderful moments in her life, when she found her true love. So why did she let it go? Why threw away in the sea the only thing that bound her to the one who made her so happy, that gave her hope, gave her what she never had received?

The truth is that the necklace didn’t bring only good memories. It brought pain to her!
The pain of losing her great love, the pain of never have him again in her arms.
Today I understand her attitude. There, in that moment, on her attitude, she freed herself from the past, something that imprisoned her for so many years and so she could be FREE.

For sometimes, what we need is to throw somethings into the sea. Left in the past what belongs to the past.
Why keep living and feeding something that harms us? Think!
Perhaps that necklace is heartache, grief, sorrow, pain of betrayal or the loss of a great love.
Maybe can even be something physical as a souvenir in our lifes, but the question is:

What that “necklace” comes bringing into our lives?

It is necessary to forget the past to live the present. We’ll never go forward if we keep looking behind. It will come a time that we’ll fall or, then, we’ll stop.

Look forward.
What happened in the past no one can change, but the future…it will depend on our TODAY!

Until when will you carry that “necklace”?

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